Database Performance and Reliability

Random slowdowns? Inexplicable problems in your data environment? Database Masters helps to unveil the mysteries around the inexplicable and random issues in your data environment.

Peace of Mind

Data drives business! Database Masters will help to ensure your data is available when you need it - through a portfolio of  customizable services built to fit your needs.

Database Consulting

Whether you have a project or difficult issue that requires some extra specialized attention, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We are here to serve you and your database needs.

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Performance Assessment

A specialized inquiry into your database environment to help you isolate where the real pain points are for your data processing requirements. We will help you tune your queries, servers and hardware to help optimize it for the best results.

Remote DBA

Need an expert to monitor and respond to your database needs? We apply time proven expert level knowledge to your environment and help you sleep easy at night. We will keep your databases healthy for you while responding to the most meaningful and critical alerts for you. Our RDBA service will provide you peace of mind!

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Security Audits

Security is constantly evolving and is at the forefront of discussion and thought in every enterprise on a daily basis. Is your server secure? Are you able to pass the HIPAA, SOX, or PCI audits? We can help you prepare for audits as well as ensure your databases are secured for your business practice.

Placement Services

Ever find that you need more hands on deck? We can help you find the right level of database talent for your needs. Let us screen your candidates to help you find the right level of talent and personality to meet your requirements. Need a candidate without interview/screening headaches, we can handle that for you too!

SQL Health Check

A comprehensive check of your server. We will dive in and evaluate your database environment from top to bottom. We will help you better understand what is happening inside your environment from a wholistic review and help provide you with an action plan to improve your environment. We help you identify which knobs and dials to adjust for best results.

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Our Services

Database Masters offers multiple services designed to improve your database environment, meet your needs, and give your peace of mind. We are here to work side by side with you in multiple different ways from training to monitoring and more.

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Why Work With Us

Database Masters provides expert level knowledge and experience. Our goal is to help you look like a rock star and to ensure your database computing needs are met and exceeded.

Our Philosophy

At Database Masters, data is our livelihood. Providing expert level attention to you and your data is our prime directive. We strive to ensure your data is accessible fast, secure, and accurate. Your data is your business and we make it our business to support you and your data.

What Others Are Saying

We were looking for a company with a deep level of expertise that could help us address our serious performance issues while also helping us to grow our SQL Server footprint.

With DBM, we don’t need a full time DBA since 95% of our SQL issues are easily handled by DBM.

We had worked with Jason and Wayne previously and knew they were absolute professionals and as good as it gets with SQL Server.


DBM continues to help us pre-empt future performance problems through their rDBA service. We are now mid-stream in upgrading our environment with more servers and a better-more robust solution to our reporting and disaster recovery requirements.

We used to have SQL crashes and slowdowns quite a few times every month (sometimes every day) affecting all our users and patients. With all that DBM has done, the application is extremely stable and measurably faster.

 We continue to work with DBM because they have proven they have the expertise, professionalism and commitment we need. With DBM’s help, my team and I can focus on projects instead of trying to keep the database running.

Database Masters is the best around! Without a doubt, partnering with DBM is one of the best technology decisions we’ve made.

DBM has assisted us with two significant SQL upgrades as well as performance issues. Both upgrades went smoothly with no impact to the company. We have used DBM to troubleshoot queries, disk performance and overall health of our SQL installs.

I cannot recommend DBM highly enough. The value we get from working with DBM far exceeds having an in house DBA.

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