Remote DBA

We’ll put your mind at peace!

Remote Database Administration from Database Masters

Your database systems are an important part of your IT strategy and execution. But let’s face it—you want to spend as little time as possible getting mired in the messy details of managing your database. You want to focus on projects and strategies that add to the bottom line.

Leave the DBA work to us.

Top-Notch Service, Bottom-Line Results

Remote Database Administration managed services from Database Masters frees up your IT personnel to focus on more critical areas while simultaneously giving you confidence that expert, U.S.-based database consultants—with a Microsoft Certified Master assigned to your account—are monitoring your systems.

At a fraction of the cost of a full-time DBA, the Remote DBA service (by Database Masters) makes sense from an ROI standpoint as well. And with a one-year contract, there are no set-up fees!

Trusted Expertise

Database Masters is a US-based, full-service database consultancy with Microsoft Certified Masters and Microsoft MVPs on staff. We specialize in performance assessments, best practice reviews, security audits and more. Our customers have demanded RDBA managed services from us because they trust our expertise and problem-solving prowess.

Customized Coverage

  • Choose your coverage—8×5 or 24x7x365
  • Choose your response time—next day, four hours, or 20 minutes*
  • Option to purchase pre-paid hours at discounted rate for complex issues beyond the SLA

You can’t put a price on the confidence and peace-of-mind you’ll enjoy knowing the top tier experts from Database Masters are keeping your systems and data safe, secure, and optimized. Whether you need a lot of help or just timely back-up, we have the solution you want and need.

Contact Database Masters today for a free consultation and find out how you and your company can benefit from our Remote DBA services.

*With 8×5 coverage, response time may refer to the next business day.


Regardless of what kind of help you need with SQL Server or MySQL, establishing a partnership with Database Masters just makes sense.

Long term or short, full time or part, Database Masters can supplement your existing DBA staff (allowing them to focus on other business needs), or we can be your DBA staff. With over 40 years of database experience, there is little that the consultants at Database Masters haven’t seen. Getting to the root of slow processes / systems, and providing corrective measures. Migrating to a different DBMS (or a newer version of your existing DBMS). Applying patchs / updates. Establishing High Availability for your database. Security auditing. Our experience includes helping you maximize performance with the Microsoft Dynamics suite. If it’s SQL Server or MySQL, we can help you out.

Training / Mentoring

Database Masters is a world-class provider of SQL Server training – we’ve trained everyone from well-respected industry experts to involuntary DBAs and end-users. We focus on teaching real-world knowledge that you will be able to apply immediately for the benefit of your career and your company. We make it our goal to present relevant, current information. All of our instructors are Microsoft Certified Masters who are also SQL Server consultants that work with SQL Server every day. Our instructors have a wide variety of clients across many different verticals, and they know how to convey information so you can absorb it. Our classes are full of examples and anecdotes, with lots of demos (often tailored to your needs) that you get to take away with you.

In-person Training

Our in-person classes are all presented in venues that we know well and we often include lectures from guest speakers. We believe that training goes well beyond what is done in the classroom and often extend our activities beyond the classroom to also include evening activities. Beyond what most instructional programs can offer, we will hang out and make ourselves available to you beyond the bounds of the classroom! For us, this is making the link between training and mentoring. We will go above and beyond to customize and tailor the event (as much as possible) both inside and outside the classroom to help you achieve your goals.

Custom On-Site Training

Invite your work team, friends or even User Group to schedule a customized training session at the venue of your choosing.

We know that it is difficult and costly for most companies to send their entire team offsite to attend an event so we offer custom onsite training.

Our onsite training is a cost-effective way to train up to 30 students without incurring the travel costs of attending one of our Workshops elsewhere and without having your entire team offsite at once. Our prices for onsite training are based on a minimum of 20 students. If you have a smaller group, we recommend you contact us about custom rates. We are here to help you reach your training goals and we believe we would be the right fit for your custom needs.

For your custom onsite training event, we work with you to create a completely custom course which targets only the areas in which you are truly interested. One of our unique offerings with custom onsite training is our flexible ability to combine training, consulting, and server health checks. Our clients have found great value in this combination of services and we have found it helps deliver a truly custom offering specific to your needs! We’re available to provide these services to you anywhere in the world!

Send us an email so we can work out how to meet your needs.

Health Check

Database Check Engine Light

Just like a check engine light in your car, SQL Server helps provide some indicators of badly tuned queries, lousy index design, excessive load, poor configurations and overdue maintenance. These are just a few of the causes of SQL Server performance degradation and we have the expertise to help diagnose and resolve any of these indicators of an unhealthy database engine.

You don’t have to passively accept bad SQL performance, and you don’t have to wait for issues to blow up on you!

Be proactive with a SQL Health Check from Database Masters. Our Microsoft Certified Masters will analyze the current state of your servers with a 750-point assessment. After our review, you receive an actionable plan of improvements for optimum SQL performance and to fix the issues you probably don’t even know about.

Our clients typically experience exponential improvement in performance following a Health Check. What would a huge improvement like that mean to your business?

Don’t settle for slowdowns and bottlenecks or invest thousands in hardware upgrades you likely don’t need. Talk to us today and learn how we can help you with a SQL Health Check. Or you could always wait for things to get better…

Each 750-point SQL Health Check from Database Masters includes:

  • OS and SQL Server version check
  • Patch review
  • SQL configuration review
  • Security audit
  • Hardware analysis
  • Audit of maintenance actions
  • Database sizing analysis
  • Back-up and recovery audit
  • Review of non-default settings
  • I/O benchmarking and analysis
  • Index usage review
  • Verify checks for DB corruption
  • Query performance analysis
  • Database ownership review
  • msdb maintenance best practices
  • Review alerting configuration
  • Post-assessment report
  • And much more!