The case study below was submitted by Bryan Evans, IT Director at Orbit Irrigation Products Inc.

Description of Orbit’s SQL Server usage environment:
With facilities worldwide, Orbit is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying irrigation, misting, and home improvement products to homeowners in forty countries across five continents. Our SQL environment is critical for reporting and order management.

Why did Orbit choose Database Masters (DBM) for its database needs?
Having worked with DBM on previous projects, we knew their level of professionalism and abilities. With DBM, we don’t need a full time DBA since 95% of our SQL issues are easily handled by DBM.

Describe the scope of the work DBM undertook for Orbit:
Wayne and Jason have assisted us with two significant SQL upgrades as well as performance issues. Both upgrades went smoothly with no impact to the company. We have used DBM to troubleshoot queries, disk performance and overall health of our SQL installs.

What were the outcomes of this work?
We are able to stay current with our SQL environment with little to no interruption to the business.

What would you tell a company that was considering using the services of DBM?
I cannot recommend DBM highly enough. The value we get from working with Wayne and Jason far exceeds having an in house DBA.

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