The case study below was submitted by Alexandr Anaya, IT Director at SAGE Dental 

Description of SAGE Dental (SAGE) and SQL Server usage environment:
We are a Dental Service Organization with 65 dental practices in South/Central Florida plus a corporate office.  We use SQL Server as the backbone of our Practice Management System.

Why did SAGE choose Database Masters (DBM) for its database needs?
We were looking for a company with a deep level of expertise that could help us address our serious performance issues while also helping us to grow our SQL Server footprint. The loss of revenue we had before was more than you can measure; we were losing patients because of the system without even knowing it!

We had worked with Jason and Wayne previously and knew they were absolute professionals and as good as it gets with SQL Server.

Describe the scope of the work DBM undertook for SAGE:
With DBM, we addressed the performance issues and they continue to help us pre-empt future performance problems through their rDBA service. We are now mid-stream in upgrading our environment with more servers and a better-more robust solution to our reporting and disaster recovery requirements.

What were the outcomes of this work?
We used to have SQL crashes and slowdowns quite a few times every month (sometimes every day) affecting all our users and patients. With all that DBM has done, the application is extremely stable and measurably faster. In fact, we haven’t had any other issues with performance, which translates into revenue, and of course improves the company’s image.

We continue to work with DBM because they have proven they have the expertise, professionalism and commitment we need. With DBM’s help, my team and I can focus on projects instead of trying to keep the database running.

What would you tell a company that was considering using the services of DBM?
Database Masters is the best around! Without a doubt, partnering with DBM is one of the best technology decisions we’ve made.

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